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"I've been listening to your music ever since Summer 2002 and stil to this day I've listened almost everyday. At least 5 days a week. I also put your music on my MP3 player and listen to it at the gym when I workout. My favorites are definitely Make Love to Analog (favorite!!), Ascension, Techno World, Gothic, Obsession, and Planet Rave. Keep up the AWESOME work!" -fan email


Gorgeous Girl's music is on 4 shows on MTV and played in 11 different countries.

Join BLUETOY, the Novation Nova Users Group!

Gorgeous Girl proudly owns a Studio Electronics SE-1X Vision Blue, which pairs nicely with her Bluetoy!

Radio Lala Brought to you by the fiercest drag sister on the West Coast, Princess Lala! A transgender eclectic homo erotic mix of electronica, world beat, jazz, acid jazz dance, divalicious chanteuses like Eartha Kitt, Julie London, and Billie Holiday plus live sessions with DJs and much more! Download the media player on that page to enjoy the music.


Jorge Moreno has been a fixture in New York City and Philly clubs for over 10 years. He is presently spinning in Germany. Jorge has co-produced a number of excellent club tracks with some of the top producers in dance music.


Goddess mp3
Waiting For You mp3


Metropolis mp3
Pulsar mp3
Planet Rave mp3
Techno World mp3
U.F.O. (Club Mix) mp3
That Funky Sound mp3

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